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7 Reasons That Shows Low Water Pressure In Your Home

Has your water pressure dropped, making showering less pleasurable and filling your bathtub a chore? There may be a problem with the water flow. Experts Plumber in Ryde have listed seven reasons why your water pressure can be down.

Check your Main Shut-off Valve

Examine the key shut-off valve in your house. It’s located where the main water line reaches the building. The water flow will be limited if the wheel is not fully opened or if the level handle is not parallel to the drain.

Make sure the Water Softener is working

A water softener that isn’t working properly will result in a sudden drop in water pressure. Therefore, you will need to call a professional to service your water softener.

Check your Aerator for Clogs

A clogged aerator may be the source of low pressure at a single faucet. The aerator is the small panel at the end of the faucet that can rust or get clogged with dirt. But, it is easy to remove, wash and re-attach the panel on the faucet.

Clogged or Corroded Water Pipes

In older houses, a build-up of minerals and other sediments in the pipes may cause a decrease in water flow. Therefore, it would be necessary to repair corroded or blocked pipes to improve water flow in your home’s plumbing system. Hence, calling a professional plumber Ryde would be the most ideal solution.

A Defective Pressure Regulator

Your low water pressure may be due to a defective pressure regulator. This regulator regulates the water pressure that enters your home from your service line. A faulty regulator may affect water pressure in the house. Therefore, if your regulator is to blame, plumber Ryde will diagnose the problem and safely repair it.

Leaks in your Home

The cause of a decrease in water pressure may be a broken or leaking pipe inside your walls or under the base of your house. Before it becomes a big problem, you must call a specialist to locate the leak and patch it.

A Sediment Buildup

Sediment buildup in your hot water boiler will reduce water pressure. Hence, routine servicing of your water heater by a specialist to ensure that all parts are working properly will aid in the cure of low water pressure problems in your house.

Now a question arises: How to Increase Your Home’s Water Pressure?

If the low water pressure is not caused by a leak or any of the other problems listed, a water pressure booster may be the best solution. It aims to raise water pressure while also improving water flow in most cases. 

Plumber Ryde Experts say that it’s possible that your city water doesn’t have enough steam, or that your plumbing requires assistance transferring water to the upper floors of your house. In both of these cases, a water pressure booster would come in handy.